Pioneer Woods - Dusk Shoot

A little while ago, Sarah and Danielle wanted to take pictures in time for Christmas. The photographs were intended to be gifts, and I wanted to make sure we carved out enough time in the freezing weather to capture what we needed. The south suburbs of Chicago during the winter can be grunge-filled and rather lifeless at times. Fortunately for us, we had heavy snowfall that had some staying power. The snow allowed for some pretty clean shots and helped everything pop that was in focus. Below are some of my favorites from the sequence of pictures we took at dusk. (Also, Sarah and Danielle were both rockstars braving the elements; True warriors.) 

Winter Sunrise

After my last class this week, my girlfriend, Mary and I decided to head downtown for an early morning sunrise and breakfast. In my opinion, Chicago looks best with a little warmth glaring onto it. We walked along the lakefront capturing what we thought would suffice until heading over to the Hard Rock Hotel for an elevated vantage point. I am going to try and make a concerted effort to create and explore more. I hope you like the photos and I appreciate you taking the time to come over and check this short piece out.

lake mich (1 of 1)-2.jpg