My name is Bradley Moss and I am a digital content creator and photographer based in Chicago, Illinois. You probably stumbled upon my website from my Instagram, YouTube, or 500px, where I post pictures and videos on whatever my heart desires. This website will act as a creative hub where I can keep all my artful ventures in one place and grow independently. I am a firm believer in continuously pushing the envelope and learning every intricacy that makes up the world around me. Growing up and to this day, I was extremely skilled with the art of drawing, something of which had gotten away from me as I grew older. In order to continue to channel my creative itch, I took up photography and film as hobbies two years ago. The art of storytelling is something I hold very near and dear to me. Luckily, there is no better form of storytelling than your own imagination and personal creativity. Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned.