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Bradley Moss

Bradley Moss is a freelance photographer + videographer. While working within the digital marketing space after graduating from Columbia College Chicago, he quickly developed skills to not only leverage clients’ brand awareness through social media, but also how to direct the proper visual identity for brand photo shoots, as well as large-scale influencer campaigns.

Not only does Bradley have insight as to what type of content works on social media, he also knows how to make it. A skill set that includes stop-motion animation, cinemagraphs, photography, graphic design, and video makes Bradley experienced enough for any creation need.

Clients he has had the opportunity to work with throughout his young career include American Beverage Marketers, One of a Kind Show, Alcatel, Pampered Chef, and Pieology.

Here you will find many of his creative passions in visual form. From a widely-skilled photography portfolio that features published and social media imagery, to video and graphic design, there's always something Bradley is trying to create.